Hi everybody

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Hi everybody

Post  anton.oxinos on Sun May 17, 2015 5:10 pm

My name is Antonis, got a tree for my birth day and desited i want to give a plastic surgery ))), what to try out the art of Bonsai!!! im totally new in this, ive already started to reed a small book about it! im hoping for the best..... hope i dont kill the pour think )))! until now i had bad experience with a coupe of plants i had, but im determined to keep this one alive, speshally since i what to intervene in its growth and progress !!
i wold like your help during this long trip so im going to be shearing the progres every now and then !!
i wold like to ask a few question, it wold be great if anyone responded !!
1)what tree do i have ???? im guessing its a ficus retusa but im not shore .......
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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
2) where can i find a pot?? ive tried erinspotery but i dont seem to understand where to find her shop !!
3)what soil should i use when i change the pot ?
4)what fertilizer is ok to use for this one, and how often?? im asking because in Cyprus is very hot in summer, im not shour if i should fertilize !!
5)where can i find wires ?? are there speshal ones i have to use or i can use whatever wire i find strong enough to hold ??

p.s.: im sorry it seems i cant upload anything .... ill try again later !!!


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Re: Hi everybody

Post  Savvas P. on Sun May 17, 2015 5:46 pm

Antoni well come to our forum,to our small group and to the art of bonsai...your tree is a ficus all right..Apparently most of us start from these trees...i can see your second photo...my opinion is,dont do nothing to the tree now...read,read and read....ficus are quite hardy but whats the rush,temperatures now dont favour repottings and in fact any major work on our trees...Do some trimming if you want and learn how to water,when to water your tree and the rest will come gradually...Wires,tools and pots only from the internet,but no need to hurry....the slower you go the less mistakes you will make and the less money you will throw away.....Well come again and any help you need we are here..

Savvas P.

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